I am Wayne Bryant, and I am running as an unaffiliated Candidate on the November ballot for Archuleta County Sheriff.  I am running for Sheriff to ensure that our bravely-fought-for Freedoms are never taken away by a tyrannical government – one that has lost sight of the fact the We the People delegate limited power to them; ordained under God’s Common Law – not the states unconstitutional statues or mandates!

Of paramount importance, I would like to express that this campaign is not about me: it’s about preserving our Constitutional Republic. There is a war which has befallen upon us in an attempt to destroy our Freedoms and Liberties.  ”We The People” are losing. We are being divided: our families, friends, and our children. Businesses are being shut down. Jobs, careers, savings and livelihoods are being lost while we are being forced to pay into this power and wealth-transfer scheme. For example, the forced-funding and development of the new Fred Harman “Justice” and Detention Center – even though local constituents had voted it down twice! Now, local Archuleta County citizens have been granted a debt from our county representatives which has amassed over $35,000,000, (and counting), while our infrastructure is crumbling. Wow!

Our community is being over-taxed in favor of Special Interests and to our detriment. This well-orchestrated agenda has been in the making for many, many years.

Our Archuleta County elected officials – starting with the 6th Judicial Court, the Sheriff, BoCC, Town Council, our School Board, and especially the San Juan Basin Public Health District – have all been accomplices, whether knowingly or not, toward this end. They all swore an oath to GOD to preserve and protect our God-Ordained Constitutional Rights. They have disregarded their oaths (sworn to God and We the People) after they entered office.

Folks, our community is in desperate need of change.

To bring back Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, let’s remember that We the People delegate limited powers to those we elect, and they are our public servants, not dictators. It is time we delegate and get back to what this great country was founded on – Freedom! That means, as a concerned law-abiding citizens, you have a duty to get up and get involved: take back our Schools Boards, our Administrative positions, run for any available office. Please be aware, a Board of County Commissioner’s seat is up this year as well as our sheriffs position. The time to act is now. Novembers 8th election is around the corner. Make your voices heard. Don’t allow fear to continue to control you.


americansagainstfraudandcorruption.com), because again, it’s not about me; it’s about all of us finally standing up, to preserving our Constitutional Republic. Many of us are now being called up (across the country) to join God’s army to take back our FREEDOMS bestowed by Him – It’s time to stand up.

These past couple years have opened many of our eyes to the areas that need to be improved, such as the ballot process. Here in Archuleta County and across our nation. Call you commissioners and recorder. Demand a hand count. 

Thank you for reading this up to now: that tells me you are concerned as well. We must have Freedom for all Americans. The Constitution is very clear in stating “LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” and that “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL”. I, and many others, will no longer sit back and see our great nation being destroyed!

Galatians 5:1: Stand fast, therefore, in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

Bill Hudson (Pagosa Daily Post) asked me ” What do you think needs to be done first?”


We must take back our county and return it to “WE THE PEOPLE”. Our elected officials and judges have violated their Oaths-of-Office. They must be held accountable for these violations of our sacred trust we placed in them.  For they have not been representing us. What most of them have engaged in is plain and simple, tyranny, fraud and corruption and it must be rooted out.

We will organize Grand Juries (so be ready to sign up to volunteer) and appoint Constitutional Referees (not BAR Judges) so that “We The People” can regain control of our judicial system. In order to accomplish this task, we will deputize every able-bodied man and woman in Archuleta County. We will peacefully take back our right to rule ourselves. Jefferson commanded us to do just this – as free Americans!


We are all losing our Freedoms. Our County, State and Federal Governments have all been usurped by special-interests like big pharma, banking, oil, etc.; I could go on, but you get my point. We have all but lost our right to govern ourselves. You know this deep down too. For example, we can no longer trust the foundation of our Republic: Our sacred right to vote! We need you to become Judges and poll-watchers. The mail-in ballot system has become totally corrupt. We all need to be there to ensure this doesn’t happen again. This is an important task if we are to ensure honesty and integrity in our elections.


We will no longer allow, or comply with, unconstitutional statues and mandates. Mandates are voluntary – please, look it up! We need to get our community back to work without any restrictions, get our children back in schools for their education, well-being and overall development. Both parental and community involvement for children is paramount.

Bill, you and I both know there is so much more; however, we need to start with what we can do immediately, including an audit of all county departments. These changes from willful public ignorance in allowing our representatives to engage in fraud  and corruption to an America that respects the foundations of our FREEDOMS isn’t going to be easy. There will be great resistance. We have to trust in Him – as well as entrusting ourselves with the understanding that “We the People” have the power to make these changes to prevail.

To my fellow friends and neighbors in Archuleta County: my name is Wayne Bryant, and as your Sheriff, I will uphold my oath of office in preserving and protecting our Constitutional Freedoms. I will hold sacred the Freedoms that have been secured by those before us, and granted by God.

Elect “Wayne Bryant for Archuleta County Sheriff”

Contact me at { UnitedwithWayneforSheriff@ProtonMail.com}

Find our campaign video, and periodically updated content at https://americansagainstfraudandcorruption.com

Thank you,

Wayne Bryant



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