Last week’s paper (The Pagosa Sun) said it all again: the conduct of the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) resulted in the mistrial of a homicide

However, you won’t see much coverage of this apparently heinous situation on the internet.

Will this now taint the jury (now moved to Durango) selection? So was it a violation of one’s Fourth Amendment rights – or was it done intentionally knowing that this could throw out the case, setting Christopher Maez free?  (NOTE: Christopher Maez is facing first-degree homicide charges for the alleged murder of Millie Mestas on August 6, 2019 via multiple stab-wounds to the neck and back). Regarding all we’ve seen in this County, anything is possible.

Regardless, this should never have happened. Yes, it is a violation of one’s fourth Amendment rights. The point is that this type of corruption must cease. We, as taxpayers, are having to pay for another trial because of the actions of the ACSO. Are the officers involved being disciplined or relieved of duty? Why are there no mention of them in the paper? This was an illegal act conducted by the ACSO, again. Just look at the pattern over just this past year. Is this the way you want our sheriffs’ department to be run? If so, then just elect my opponent, the current undersheriff.

For one, I am again disgusted. You have a choice November 8th. Keep the same old gang or elect a new sheriff who will uphold your rights and freedoms! I will take that Oath with honor.

  • I will have the entire sheriff’s department receive training in Constitutional Law.
  • My deputies will know that there will be zero tolerance for violations of one’s constitutional rights.
  • I will work to avoid needless waste of the county’s funds.
  • I will work to rebuild county residents’ trust and confidence in the ACSO.

These past few months has been amazing. I’ve met so many of you whom feel the same way. It’s been a humbling experience. Thank you.

I know in my heart we will win. It’s time for a new direction, and everyone knows it. It’s time to take our country back; county by county. When I talk with you whom (very few) don’t agree, we are civil and can still shake hands. Archuleta county is still mostly rural with conservative attitudes.

People want “FREEDOM’ and are tired of government overreach into their lives. This is when a Constitutional sheriff steps in.

Yes, me.

I have taken on that challenge. I thank those who have put their faith in me to do just that! So, even though Rachel Suh (Archuleta County commissioner candidate) and I are being shadow-banned/ghosted on social-media, you are helping us to get the word out that “YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE” during this election.

As unaffiliate candidates, we are not obligated to follow any party platform – we will focus on all of our Constitutional rights!

Please don’t mail in your ballot. Bring it down and hand deliver it. This will help to insure an open and honest election.

Thank you,

Wayne Bryant ~ Candidate for Sheriff.



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