NOTE: Pagosa Daily Post  meant I was saying  flagrant , when I actually did mean fragrant.  Because it does smell. So the word was a double meaning.

Well, a lot has happened over the holidays. This is intentionally done while we’re either away or trying to enjoy the holidays with our families, even as difficult as these last couple of years have been for all of us.

A secret executive session appointing Under-Sheriff Derek Woodman as County Manager (with no experience) at a whooping $124,000 annual salary, severance pay from his recent Under-Sheriff position and a new vehicle allowance, was held. In addition, his wife, who happens to be County Human Resources Director was also in attendance.

Can we say conflict! It just so happens Sheriff Richie Valdez along with several deputies were in the meeting room. Intimidation, you think?

Four days later, a lawsuit was filed against Sheriff Valdez, County Manager (former Under-Sheriff) Derek Woodman and several deputies, and various Archuleta County Commissioners and individuals.

County Commissioners Alvin Schaaf and Warren Brown, former deputies, voted for Mr. Woodman for County Manager.

Can we say conflict? This now gives our Sheriff total control of our County. He wouldn’t be leaving any time soon. Just on paper; he’ll be like Obama, controlling from behind the scenes. Why would he, he finally has all his puppets in place, including judges Wilson and Fray.

And now the new Under-sheriff, Mike LaRoux (another puppet) is throwing his hat in the ring for Sheriff. Coincidence? I think not!

Valdez can sit in his new million-dollar plus home and laugh at us for being so stupid and complacent. This is insane and has to be stopped. We are now living in a totalitarian dictatorship, whether you want to believe it or not.

To be honest with you, the other candidate for Sheriff, Boyd Neagle, hasn’t upheld his Oath of Office as a town police officer either. He can talk all he wants about supporting our Constitutional Rights; however, his record doesn’t reflect it.

So what will I do as your new Sheriff?

We must take back our county and return it to “We The People”.

Our elected officials and Judges including our school superintendent have all violated (at will) their Oaths of Office. They must be held accountable for this violation of the sacred trust we put in them. We are becoming a totalitarian dictatorship and it must be rooted out.

We will organize Grand Juries and appoint Constitutional referees (not BAR judges) so that “We The People” can sentence them for their crimes and regain control of our judicial system. In order to accomplish this task, and this is critical, we will deputize every able-bodied man and woman in Archuleta County. We will make Citizens’ Arrests, and I will enforce them.

We will no longer comply with unconstitutional statutes, codes and mandates; Our Constitution was originally based on God’s Common Law; Life–Liberty–Property–and the Pursuit of Happiness; Tell the truth and take responsibility for our actions.

We will no longer take orders from the State. The State is a corporation and we will no longer support it. We will establish our own bank and put our tax dollars back into our county. Our infrastructure is crumbling and we will create jobs rebuilding it. The cost of a courthouse and jail (which by the way was voted down twice) will eventually reach $50 million. We can’t dodge this cost now, thanks to those that forced this down our throats. We could have easily remodeled the existing courthouse for a fraction of the cost.

So how do we accomplish both? We will change how the property taxes are collected. We will base them on the purchase price of your home. At 3-5% depending on what it takes to manage our county and pay our debts. We will live within our budget.

A well-overdue reward. When you turn 67 and have lived in your home for 20 years you will no longer have to pay property taxes. All we ask is that you volunteer in our community. Schools, Parks, Library, Sheriff’s department, etc.

San Juan Basin Health does not have the authority to shut down our businesses and schools with unconstitutional mandates. We will not enforce them, period. You have the right to make your own informed decisions, not unelected bureaucrats. Small businesses are the life-line of our county and we will support them.

These are just a few of the changes we will be instituting in order to preserve our Constitutional Republic. I know this won’t be easy for any of us. The State will surely intercede. However, if we are to regain our constitutional freedoms, change is inevitable.

The question is, are you ready? If so, then join with us and write me in as Sheriff.

The Sheriff has the constitutional duty to protect our constitutional rights. Together we can all stand up and take our county back.

This will be our last and only chance to accomplish what God intended for us all, Freedom.

Thank you, my name is Wayne Bryant write-in Candidate for Sheriff. Contact us at

I’m standing up… the question, is will you?



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  1. Oh this is amazing! You have my support 1000000%
    Let’s start campaigning for you.
    By the way the other message I sent about the millionaire who’s buying up everything is also getting the courthouse to turn into his own personal corporate hotel. It’s in the county info. Giving the county $250,000 in CASH!!! This is a big red flag. Must stop this

    • Thank you Dave. The county will be closing the biding next Tuesday. Then deciding the following Tuesday. it seems the BOCC has made up their minds to sell. could this have to do with the overpriced jail and courthouse that the residents voted down twice? The building should be renovated and continued to be used by the county. Once sold what happens to the county agencies? Oh we move them to Harmon Park and spend more money. Not enough people have been showing up at the meeting to voice their dis- approval. Of course the meeting are on Tuesdays in the middle of the day when people have to work? I’m frustrated to. All these sweetheart deals. On top of that they want to approve a Hugh cell towel the will emit very high frequencies that will effect our health. This is the kind of corruption that needs to stop. They are violating their Oath”s of Office for special interest. My e-mail is thank you Poll watchers will be critical. Dominion is here and we can’t trust our recorder to have an honest election. Wayne

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