Wow, what an exciting week it has been. There was a forum scheduled for the 16th of this month for all candidates. Apparently, on the advice of who knows whom, three of the Republican candidates were advised not to attend this locally sponsored forum.

Those candidates advised to withdraw from this public forum are:

Undersheriff Mike le Roux

Chairman of the Archuleta County Board of Commissioners, Alvin Shaaf

Republican candidate for Commissioner – who is also chair for the Arhculeta County Republican Women’s Club – Veronica Medina.

Apparently, unaffilliated candidate for County Commissioner Rachel Sunshine Suh, and myself (unaffilliated candidate for sheriff, Wayne Bryant), could pose/raise questions as to the ongoings possibly involving corruption, fraud and other topics, which could derail the agenda that has, and will, impose more controls; thereby taking away more of our God-Given and Constitutional Rights.

This video shows my concern and fear for the direction we are headed. I cannot sleep at night without knowing I have done everything that I can/could to prevent tyranny. Please watch and support me however you can – even if it’s at the voting poll – on November 8, 2022.

We must also demand a clean and fair election from our County Commissioners and County Recorder. The Dominion machines have raised enough doubt in our voting process has been comporomised by special interest agendas.

We must demand that these machines not be utilized for the November election . This would ensure that any doubt of the election’s outcome will not be in doubt.



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