Archuleta County has a long history of fraud and corruption and it needs to be exposed. We have a duty to expose the truth about how our town and county are handled, and how we’ve allowed our elected officials to get away with it. It’s time now to expose the truth and hold them accountable to you, the people.

This secure, anonymous form is a way for you to expose corruption and fraud going on in our county. You can safely and anonymously fill out the form below to become a whistleblower and expose anything you’ve noticed from our elected and unelected officials you feel have violated their oaths of office, and betrayed the residents of Archuleta County.

Please use the form below to expose fraud and corruption:

AAFAC - Expose Local Corruption
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Please leave me a detailed message regarding the local corruption and/or fraud you're attempting to expose. Your information will remain confidential and you can provide as much, or as little info as you wish. Thank you.