Archuleta County Speaks‘ – this is a page of public comments dedicated to Arhculeta County’s concerns. The residents of our county have had suppression of speech, local law enforcement abuse, as well as abusing the public trust with our money, etc. forced on them. In addition, our courts have become revenue-streams without justice.

Arhculeta County Speaks‘ is a page where Archuelta County residents can publicly vocalize their disdain, aggrivation, appreciation, etc. of our Town and County elected and unelected officials – WITHOUT CENSORSHIP – I will never edit your comments, except using the Lords name in vain, and any other heinous or inapprorpriate comments and/or language. This is your place to express your opinions that other places (like Town of Pagosa Springs FaceBook page, SJBPH meetings, etc.) want to curb the conversation to their narrative. I understand that here is no narrative with censorship, and all thoughts are welcome here.

Some example topics you can express your views on my website are:

  • Do our elected officials now represent totalitarianism?
  • Are we losing our freedoms by the day now?
  • Has Covid/variants been the tool of suppression in violating our Constitutional Rights?
  • Are our schools more focused now on face-masks and vax-cards, rather than educating our children for revenue streams?
  • Is the F.B.I. targeting parents as domestic terrorists when they disagree with School Boards?
  • And more!

These are just some example questions that you can discuss FREELY on my website. We believe in open dialogue, regardless of your views. Archuleta county, the Town of Pagosa Springs, Archuleta School District, San Juan Basin Public Health, etc. have had a history of censoring public comments on constitutional, financial and various topics (ex: via Zoom meetings, Social Media posts, comments, etc.) to the detriment of our community.

Please, express your views on this page, discuss as a community, discuss possible ways of correcting this mess, so we, as a community can get to work correcting the ills of our county and let the REAL conversations – without censorship – ensue here.



7 Responses

  1. I understand that the jail was built against the people’s choice and that is unacceptable but at the same time it’s a better alternative to what it was. When I worked in dispatch they would arrest people and just let them back on the street because either Durango was full or they didn’t want to drive that far which is another ridiculous thing because if you were just going to let theses criminals back onto the street why did you even waste your time in the first place if you are going to be lazy. Id rather have them locked up and feel safe but anyways I digress. In the short time I worked for that horrid place (dispatch) I witnessed some sketchy things. Then I was fired for and I quote “you’re mean and no one likes you. Granted this is a right to work state which is BS because they can just fire you as they see fit. Also there wasn’t even an active supervisor because the other guy was caught cheating on his wife with a nurse at the hospital and he just disappeared into the night with no actions or consequences. They just do what they want when they want and don’t care about anyone but themselves and the money

    • Thank you for sharing your story. Unfortunately those of us who are not in the inter-circle ultimately pay the price. Corruption and cover-up’s are far to frequent. Slowly stories of abuse are finally beginning to surface. Please consider signing up for our General Assemblies Grand Juries we will be instituting. These public officials will be held accountable. Thank you, Wayne

    • the ACSO attempted to murder me and my family because i was the witness that watched the sheriffs dept stuff towels in the roof scuppers and drains on the courthouse roof so that it would flood. it was all planned and they tried to murder me twice for talking about it. monica medina and warren brown were both planners of my murder as well as prosecutor alex lowe. these folks used an illegal policy to “target” people that they felt are high risk to the community. The problem was that they used the illegal policy to target witnesses and political rivals and to cover their crimes. this illegal extrajudicial and illegal policy that they have been engaging went to the point of them engaging in domestic terrorism. Judge jeff wilson was an active part of that criminal conspiracy as well…..judicial district 6 basically attempted to overthrow our entire criminal justice system and all of its checks and balances

  2. Some issues to ponder Archuleta Residents

    The current mayor decided against residents that a bridge was need to the Springs Resort and Spa. The bridge was constructed against the wishes of the residents.

    Anyone seen the economic development zones? They want to turn this town into a metropolis. The land owners and developers are positioned as are the city and county officials. Now any one want to invest and make them rich?

    The cost and resources to run and maintain the new jail is beyond reason. Remember, they used the elevated costs of transporting those detained to Durango pegged at $250,000 in one Pagosa SUN article as justification for a new jail. Voters shot it down twice when placed on the ballot and still they got their jail against the wishes of the voters. Costs are always born by the public. So, how much is the public now paying to run the new jail? More than $250,000? Certainly! The provider of human fodder to the legal system are law enforcement. For every criminal charge there is a corresponding $charge$ and attorney fees and court costs. Why? They are paid salaries by the courts which taxpayers fund. Detaining and processing people for profit against their will…is not that what human traffickers do? Look into it and see if you agree. There is much to be discovered as the controllers and deciders have kept it all hush hush. So, when the question arises why would law enforcement have reason to lie? To profit of course from the legal large$$ as each entity takes a cut.

    Are the deputy/BOCC double dipping? Deputy salary + $70,000 BOCC salary.

    • Thank you for you sharing this information. Your absolutely correct. It’s always about the money and at our expense. the jail and court house to his majesty Jeff Wilson was unnecessary and look at the cost overruns the BoCC continues to approve of. We may approach fifty million before it’s said and done. They will be held accountable before us. Wayne

      • and the hitman that they got killed when they tried to murder me because I was the witness that watched the ACSO sabotage the roof over the original courthouse and jail. also the cost of the damage they did to my family. also the cost of the multitude of lawsuits that I am filing against archuleta county

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