We have received multiple anonymous tips that the driver of a silver Porsche on the afternoon of Monday, October 24, 2022 was alleged to have stolen my campaign sign. This is the third time that this has occurred, even though I had permission to have the sign up.

In the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuibAmB5h6A) you see a brown GMC Yukon with Monica Medina campaign banners on it parked for hours. Towards the end of the footage, you then see a late-model silver Porsche Cayenne with a sun/moon-roof (a rare vehicle in town) pull up behind the Yukon: it’s only there for a few moments. During that time, my sign is removed, then the vehicle leaves.

This is a felony. Is Mike informing his campaign committee to violate the law?

If the allegations regarding who this thief are true, this could be Mike Le Roux’s campaign manager Lisa Scott – she owns a silver late-model Porsche Cayenne with a sun/moon-roof.

If these allegations are true, as Lisa is Mike’s entrusted, chosen campaign manager, he would have known that this was going on – otherwise this shows incompetence, and a willingness to violate the law for his own gain – sound familiar? Unfortunately, we can’t ask Lisa, since she‘s left the country for a couple of weeks. I know that if my campaign manager would have done something similar, I would have fired them and turned them in.

Since we can’t get a hold of Lisa to verify this, I would think that my opponent would need to step forward with the truth. If he has no answer, then it shows his ability to surround himself with untrustworthy people whom are willing to violate campaign laws: is this who you want for your new sheriff?

Since he won’t come to any open/public meetings with the general public, it’s impossible to approach him and ask him if this is, in fact, Lisa’s vehicle, and why would he allow her to violate the law – especially since he is the current under-sheriff and should be upholding the laws.

With my signs being stolen, vandalized, shot at, defaced, having fines imposed on them while others are not fined, etc., it’s plausible to assume it could all be the work of people involved/supporting his campaign (the Good ‘Ol-Boy Network).

This is just one of the reasons why I’m running for Sheriff – enough is enough! That’s why I named my campaign “AmericansAgainstFraudAndCorruption.com”

So bring your ballot down in person on election day and vote for me. If we overwhelm their projections we just might win – God willing – and take back our Constitutional Republic. Thank you!



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