Someone from the county was ordered to go out and measure my banners to make sure that they are on private property. Low and behold they found one. A stop use order was issued – with fines and permits required – signed by Archuleta County Development Director Pamela Flowers.

For shame, for shame!

On September 23, 2022, I received a call from a property owner on the 160 coming into town from the West. For shame; how dare I (accidentally) place a banner 10 to 12 inches over the line on the 160 coming into town. I’m amazed that the county spent our tax dollars going out to find this: really 10-12 inches.

So, let’s go back a couple of weeks: on September 16, 2022, I sent a certified letter (after receiving an e-mail from Pamela Flowers on September 12, 2022) responding to Pamela’s notice that I needed a permit for each banner, as well as a $50 fee for each sign – even on private property. I demanded a public hearing within 30 days regarding signage on private property. I also sent a copy of the letter (by e-mail) to both the County Administrator Derek Woodman and County Attorney Todd Weaver on the 17th.

Wow, the county sure moves fast when they feel threatened by anyone who they deem a threat to their control over the community. I’m sure Pamela Flowers received the certified letter this past Wednesday (September 21, 2022). and here we are now on September 27, 2022 – WOW!

I wrote an article back on December 21, 2021 titled ”Archuleta is a Totalitarian County”. Please read it: especially the tail end of it. Also, check out another article that I also wrote back on November 30, 2021 “Does an Unelected County Attorney Run Archuleta County?”.

Look around town you will see I’m not the only candidate running to have large banners on private property. So, am I being targeted by Pamela Flowers and the Archuleta County BoCC?

So, the property-owner, a friend and I moved the banner back inside the property according to the state by CDOT. So why is the county involved? I had a banner North of town on Hwy 160 and CDOT removed it on Thursday, September 22, 2022. So I drove out to east fork and retrieved it. Now, it didn’t obstruct or cause a safely issue (aren’t easements our public lands?), plus it is a temporary sign. Political speech is a protected right – Apparently depending on who you are and who you represent, now?

So I drove back to the property owner with the banner and was given permission to hang it inside the line. I said I would return with a ladder the next day.  In the meantime, volunteers for Shelli Shaw and Rachel Suh were given permission by the same property owner to put their signs on the property line fence. So upon returning the next day with the ladder (with a friend who had put those signs on the fence the day before) we noticed that those signs had been removed. Now they were ¼ of an inch over the 120-foot right-of-way.  CDOT was kind enough to inform the property owner of this encroachment and gave them the choice, you can take them down or we will. So the owner removed the signs and neatly placed them inside the property line. So, upon arriving Friday afternoon we noticed the campaign signs had been taken down. We went inside side and were told of what had happened: CDOT had come the day before and have given them a warning. At this point, the property owner was frustrated and did not want to create a controversy and decided not to have any campaign signs at all.

This is the problem and I understand the property owns dilemma. However, this is a First Amendment right and a private property right. This is now the time to stand up and support Constitutional candidates. We can’t allow fear of retaliation from this unconstitutional (supposed) government to control our lives and businesses – they are our public servants. FREEDOM is everything and we must fight now more than ever if we are to regain it.

So make you voice at the ballot box heard. It’s advisable to not mail in you mail-in-ballot, take it down on Election Day (November 8, 2022), and turn it in personally. This can (hopefully) cut down on any potential fraud. Call you county commissioners and also demand a hand count. The Dominion machines can’t be trusted. Constitutionalists – such as Shelli Shaw, Rachel Suh and myself need your vote to win in November . Once elected, we can start to take our Constitutional Republic back.

Thank you.
Wayne Bryant
Candidate for Archuleta County Sheriff



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