I have been asked, “O.K. Wayne, what makes you different than the other two candidates running for sheriff?”  Well, for those of you whom have been keeping up with my website (WayneforSheriff2022.com) over this last year, you would have gotten a pretty good idea.  We have solutions and that’s the big difference: it wouldn’t be business as usual.

I know some people haven’t had the time to go through all my articles on the website or visit my Facebook page, “Wayne for Archuleta County sheriff: (https://www.FaceBook.com/groups/3248516648720220).” It can be daunting, there is so much not only going on in our county, but all around us in our country as well. We are being herded into a totalitarian State (link here).   I for one (as so many of you) have had enough of the corruption and lies by our elected and unelected officials. They spend our money without accountability, enforce  unconstitutional laws and statutes.  They use force, fear and intimidation: this is unacceptable. We are still a Constitution Republic and if we don’t stand up now we will surely lose our Freedoms.

So Wayne, then what makes you different?

Well as George Carlin once said “ There’s a country club out there and you aren’t in it.” Yes, that means we are outside looking in on how our corporate government is being operated. It’s business as usual, controlled by a few using fear and intimidation. By us (We the People) working together, we can eliminate this illusion. We have the power too do this.


  • As Your Sheriff we will restructure and re-educate our deputies.
  • We will return to Protecting and Serving our community.
  • We will return to protecting your constitutional rights.
  • We will retrain our deputies under Hillsdale College, Sheriff Mack and the Patriot Academy, or any other constitutional organization.

The above goals are first and foremost.

We have allowed this unfortunate situation to occur because we became lazy and complacent. Yes this is our fault and we have a duty to take our government back as Jefferson said in The Declaration Of Independence. So here we are, do we or don’t we fight for our Freedoms? I for one am standing up.

Second: we must reorganize our county’s current structure. We are nothing more than a revenue-stream for the federal and state bureaucracies.  While our infrastructure crumbles, crime (drugs, for example) is on the rise, our schools have become nothing more than propogandist tools while  our ability to control our destiny wanes bit-by-bit.  We have the power to do this.

As your Sheriff, I have a sworn constitutional duty and the power to enforce and carry out these changes that we will make together. This won’t be easy. There will be a lot of resistance from our current power structure that has been in place for generations. Remember they are the few and we are the many. Fear is an illusion!   This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Third: We will convert the large (not being used) court-room into an indoor gunnery and archery range. We will have a six-week training class (everyone welcome). Placards will be issued to all participants. This will cut down on crime in the schools, businesses and neighborhoods.  We will organize and deputize a posse of volunteers that will be in our neighborhoods and community. We are going to rebuild our county under Constitutional Common Law.

I have so many ideas that will benefit our community. These are just a few of them. This is why I am different than the other two candidates.

As a Constitutional Patriot, it will be my sworn duty – under Oath – to protect and defend our Constitutional rights. You do have a choice in November. I for one will not continue with the status-quo, will you?

If you see other issues around our county that you feel needs attention, please leave me a comment here, or use my contact-form to e-mail me personally; I want to address your concerns, ideas, and anything else you feel needs to be addressed.

Thank you!




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  1. also monica medina has an extensive domestic violence arrest record that should disqualify her from being a cop let alone the sheriff

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